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Elevate your entrepreneurial dream with Irene, our Visionary Founder and CEO, through our Business and Crowdfunding Catalyst, a personalized 5-session 1:1 coaching program where founders get to choose from our 10-session offering.


Crafted with over 20 years of coaching and business consultation experience, Our coaching has supported hundreds of women founders who raised 10 times more funding and are 3 times more likely to succeed.


Limited to only 30 driven female entrepreneurs each year, this program offers an unparalleled blend of crowdfunding mastery and strategic business acumen, meticulously tailored to forge your path to success. Embark on a transformative journey with 5 hours of personalized coaching. Whether you're preparing for a crowdfunding campaign, seeking investor funding, or refining your business model, this program is your gateway to mastering the essentials of a thriving venture.


Choose from our 10 Guided Coaching Sessions With Actionable Plans:


  • Defining and Validating Business Ideas
  • Building a Purposeful Brand
  • Strategic Planning: Roadmap to Success
  • Budgeting and Commercialization
  • Navigating Funding Pathways and Analysis
  • Crowdfunding Basics and Essentials
  • Pitch Perfection
  • Marketing Magic: Building Your Crowd
  • Networking and Partnerships
  • Staying Ahead in Changing Markets and Competition



  • Full access to the 52-page Crowdfunding Playbook and templates, valued at $69


This package offers more than just coaching calls, it's a tailored journey that adapts to your specific needs and business dreams. Enjoy the flexibility of scheduling at your convenience, ensuring seamless integration with your commitments.


Enroll today to enjoy our early bird 50% discount and start transforming your entrepreneurial aspirations into reality with a guided actionable plan.


Only 30 spots available - join this exclusive program and embark on a journey of growth and success with Irene and LIFTwomen.


Be the woman who can move the crowd.


[Language available: English, Cantonese, Mandarin]

Crowdfunding and Business Catalyst

$1,300.00 Regular Price
$650.00Sale Price
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