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Your Ultimate Academy for Crowdfunding and Business Excellence

We've Got You Covered

Every Step of Your Entrepreneurial and Crowdfunding Journey, We Are Here For You.

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Launching Our First Wave of Support

Help You Discover Your  Funding Pathways & Unlock the Possibilities

Crowdfunding Fitness Test

Is my project crowdfunding ready? Is crowdfunding the right funding pathway for my business? What is my chance of success?"

"No more guessing! We've got all your questions answered with our Crowdfunding Fitness Test, a highly anticipated offering on LiftED.

Designed for forward-thinking visionaries and entrepreneurs keen to bring their innovative projects to reality, this evaluative tool assesses your campaign's readiness across crucial areas essential for crowdfunding success. Don't leave your crowdfunding success to guesswork. Take the Crowdfunding Fitness Test today to solidify your project's groundwork.

Plus, enjoy a bonus 45-minute complimentary 1:1 coaching session.


What is LiftED

The definitive platform where ambitious female entrepreneurs catalyze their crowdfunding campaigns into monumental successes. From the basics of crowdfunding to advanced business strategies, we've curated resources that empowers you to turn your dreams into actionable plans. Here, you're not just learning to start a campaigner run a business , you're igniting an empowerment journey towards making a lasting impact. Dive into a world where your vision meets actionable insights, expert guidance, and an empowering community.

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Why LiftED

We Rewrite Potential


Proven Success

Founders who receive coaching from Lift Women are 10 times more likely to raise funding and 3 times more likely to reach their funding goal. This track record highlights the tangible impact and effectiveness of our comprehensive support system.


Real-World Learning

Embrace our learning-by-doing approach to refine your ideas, hone your marketing skills, and build a startup that resonates with your audience. Reward crowdfunding is one of the most cost-effective and low-risk tools for product-market fit validation, offering the added benefits of recognition and funding.


Non-Dilutive Funding

Retain full ownership and control of your business while accessing the capital you need. Our focus on reward crowdfunding offers a pathway to financial stability without sacrificing equity


Community and Growth

From conceptualization to campaign launch, we're here to guide you every step of the way. Join a network of like-minded female entrepreneurs driven to make a mark on the world, connecting with individuals eager to support you. With LiftED, you'll grow not just a business but a movement—a movement dedicated to closing the funding and gender gap for women in business.

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Apply Grant and Matched Funding
Apply Grant and Matched Funding
Apply Grant and Matched Funding

Looking For More Support?

Explore our LiftHER initiative and grant program, empowering impact-driven female entrepreneurs across Australia and Asia to thrive through scholarship, funding and fellowship. Learn how you can access resources and funding to fuel your success.


Become A Lift Angel

Unlock exclusive resources, mentorship, and funding opportunities tailored for women-led ventures. Join a vibrant community of founders, side-hustlers, and people who support women-led businesses

Free Resources Hub

Gain free access to essential entrepreneurial tools and insights. Connect directly with community members to spark meaningful relationships

Partner With US

Align your brand with our purpose-driven mission. Together, let's empower women entrepreneurs across the APAC region.

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