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Unlock the secrets to crowdfunding success with our meticulously curated Crowdfunding Playbook, designed exclusively for aspiring and seasoned female entrepreneurs alike. 


This comprehensive guide is packed with insights, strategies, ready-to-use templates, and actionable steps tailored to transform your crowdfunding campaign from concept to triumphant completion. It is more than just a guide, it's your companion on the journey to making your dream project a reality. With every page turn, you'll gain confidence, knowledge, and the tools needed to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign. Plus, you'll receive a 45-minute complimentary coaching session to discuss your crowdfunding strategy and proposition.


Don't wait to make your crowdfunding dreams come true. Grab your copy of the Crowdfunding Playbook today and take the first step towards a successful campaign. Let's turn those aspirations into achievements together!

Crowdfunding Playbook

$69.00 Regular Price
$34.50Sale Price
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